UPDATE: Although the wall and 3D display works the show goes on - in the stacks. BY THE BOOK is now an ongoing installation in the Port Moody Library shelved books! Check out the BY THE BOOK BLOG for more info.

Books inspire, enlighten and entertain us and their home, the library, is a refuge in this busy world. BY THE BOOK: Creative interactions with literature invites you to explore books and the Port Moody Library in a new way. You might see a painting inspired by your favorite book, along with altered and handmade books, and if you search you'll even find small artwork and texts in the shelved adult books. Come celebrate Canadian Library Month by picking up a few good books. Who knows what you might find: An author trading card, a poem, a print, maybe even a love note from one of the characters.

In this age of electronic information something still draws us to cradling a book in our hands, this show is an homage to that desire. The pleasure of getting lost in a book. So come to the Port Moody Library, crack open a book, and discover something new! New items will be added to the shelved books throughout the month, so be sure to check back with us.

BY THE BOOK: Creative interactions with literature was on display the month of October 2008 at the Port Moody Library, City Hall stairwell 3D display case, and a few pieces on display at the Port Moody Art Centre.



- find clues to where items are planted, who found what, and what they thought about what they found!

If you would like to participate by planting items in the shelves click here.



Kimberley Anderson

Wendy Anderson

Anastasia Barabanova stacy.homelinux.org

Juliette by Anastasia Barabanova

Pat Beaton patbeaton.blogspot.com

Kiss by Pat Beaton

Alicia Chen

Melanie Cossey www.melaniecossey.com

by Melanie Cossey

Helen Daniels

Rainer Daniels

Eileen Fong eileenfong.com

Boy with Cranes by Eileen Fong

Mary Kendall

Sanghyun Samuel Kim www.ssamkims.blogspot.com

Path to Maturity by Sanghyun Samuel Kim

Silvina Lanusse www.myartclub.com/silvinalanusse.com

Silvina Lanusse

Fae Logie www.ccca.ca

Lauren Selden www.whipstitchbackstitch.com

Nathania Vishnevsky www.nathania.com

Origin 1 by Nathania Vishnevsky

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into the significance of books in our lives.
Here is some documentation on the development of the show:

The Proposal

The Call for Participation



This show was organized by ArtsConnect's ArtistCircle group which connects creative minds for support, inspiration and collaboration.

All images copyrighted - please contact individual artists for terms of use.

Web design, show concept and proposal by Nathania Vishnevsky
Special thanks to Melanie Cossey for coordinating.