The Call for Participation:

Call for Artists, Poets, Writers
Port Moody
New Deadline: September 25, 1 pm

ArtistCircle is coordinating "BY THE BOOK - creative interactions with literature," a show to celebrate the relationship of readers to the books that inspire them. Artists and writers are invited to submit materials for display at the Port Moody Library and City Hall for the month of October, 2008. 2D and 3D artworks in all media will be accepted: altered books, paintings about books, paintings on books, etc. In addition, artists and writers will be allowed to tuck items into shelved books. They could include trading cards of authors with vital stats, fictional correspondence, the protagonist's to-do list, illustrations for non-illustrated texts or portraits of characters; the possibilities are endless (as long as the item does not damage the library book!). These inserted artworks will be tracked as well. The wall and 3D display space are subject to space availability, so please visit the show web site for registration form, and then send it to the following address to submit your entry for the show: Registration is required for all participants, including works in the shelved books.
For more information visit the show web site at